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GI Disorders

"Thank you, Lisa James Nutrition, for helping me implement a plan. I'm down 16 lbs and my A1C has dropped!" 

51 y/o female 

Type 2 Diabetes

"Lisa is a one of a kind and always has encouraging words for me. She motivates me to do better and is organized in her approach. I enjoy my sessions with her."  

56 y/o female 

Weight Loss 

High Cholesterol 

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Affordable, private medical nutrition therapy 

Talk with a licensed, registered dietitian in-person or online 

How we've helped 

Eating Disorders

"Thank you, Lisa! I'm now in full recovery from my eating disorder. I take it one day at a time.  I wouldn't be here without you."   

18 y/o female 

Eating Disorder

"My son went from eating only three foods to enjoying a variety of foods! It took time and work at home, however, he's doing much better! Thank you, Lisa James Nutrition!" 

3 y/o boy  

Picky Eater

Pre-diabetes / Diabetes

Family Nutrition 

Weight loss  

Picky Eating 


Food Allergies

Eating Disorders

Diabetes /

GI Disorders

Sports Nutrition

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Newtown Office 
110 South State Street
Newtown, PA, 18940 

Princeton Office
116 Village Blvd, Suite 200 
Princeton, NJ 08540 

Phone: 917-428-0544

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